Accessing default values of a Class without spawning an instance of it

I have a game involving UMG-created cards. The cards are used to spawn units, so I need to link a unit to a card and display that unit’s stats on the card. Creating a UMG widget card per unit would be unmanageable, so my thought was to have a variable of the parent Unit class (which I made and all my units are based on) in my UMG widget and expose it on spawn so I could choose which Unit this Card represents when I create the card widget.

The problem is I then cannot access the default values of variables in the associated Unit, because I’m trying to get them from a Class and not an Object.

Without spawning an instance of that unit at the same time as I spawn the card, just to get its variable values and then destroying the unit, is there a way to do what I want to do?

I saw this thread has a C++ based solution at the bottom but it’s also from almost a year ago, and was wondering if there is a solution that does not involve C++.


also searching for this…