Accessing Convex Collision Triangles of Static Mesh via Blueprint?

Hello UE4 community,

I am having to “reinvent the wheel” for some core collision logic since I am trying to make deterministic Newtonian physics-based movement for a pawn. I thus have to forego usage of UE4’s Physx integration. Most problematic at the moment is the fact that I cannot use “Hit” events for detecting collisions caused by rotation since sweeping is not supported at the moment for rotation.

Since I cannot rely on the “Hit” event to retrieve information on collision locations, I will need to do the calculations myself to figure out where exactly a collision occurred, and my understanding at this point is that I will have to access my collision mesh’s triangles to work out the relevant mathematics. I have a method to detect that a collision occurred during a rotation via overlap data (ie. “Get Overlapping Actors”), but those functions don’t tell me where the overlap occurred.

That brings me to my question. Is there a way to access a static mesh’s convex collision triangles from a Blueprint? I found the function “Get Section From Static Mesh” that will give me info on the mesh’s actual geometry, but that doesn’t give me the triangles on the collision hull. If anyone knows where (or if) I can access the geometry of a static mesh’s collision elements in a Blueprint, I’d appreciate it greatly!

Thanks in advance!