Accessing Amazon S3 via BP ?

Is it possible to access Amazon S3 bucket via BP, get list of files, their date/time stamp and download files from Amazon S3 bucket to a specific location on the HDD (or SD card or internal storage on Android) ?


I am also looking for the same thing, do you have the latest progress?

Short Answer: No.
Long Answer: The Amazon S3 REST APIrequires HTTP communications thus it will required C++ Plugin for HTTP Communication.

Have you ever done the whole setup for Amazon S3 using this approach?

No. But our eStore (HTTPs) uses the API for S3 for file storage of large files. I’ll be developing a custom API using the C++ Plugin for HTTP Communication to communicate between VR Store Server/Client (UE4) and Full-service eStore (HTTPs). I do have a feeling that I may have to write API for Amazon S3 and GameLift to support 1000+ concurrent users on our VR Store Platform, but, it will be one of the last features. In-app purchases are the current priority for the API.