Accessing a collision overlap from Player Controller

Hello everyone,

Currently I have a Base Ship that is controlled by the Player Controller, now on this ship I have a simple Box Collision component that I am going to use for checking if your overlapping then casting and calling a function. I have tried setting it up in the player control but I am unable to get the Event Overlap Begin to work, I have tried referencing the character but even that doesn’t work, I get a result like this

It looks to be correct until you try hitting it to add it and nothing happens. Just wondering whats the best solution for this! Thanks Unreal Engine Community!

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Why do you want the overlap event of the character inside your player controller?
You should be able to bind (assign) begin overlap event of the character inside your playercontroller : you release the character pin on the graph with context sensitive on and search for “assign” and you should have all the events shown, then you bind it with a little delay (to be safe) on the player controller begin play event.