Accessing a child component of the mesh

I am trying to activate the FirstPersonCamera in the thirdpersoncharacter class. How would I get the mesh, then it’s camera component, then activate that camera component. Thanks in advance

Hello, I think i’m not the one that will realy help you but while waiting for a better answer :
I don’t know for the activate part but if you want to get any component in your BP, just drag and drop it to any graph. If you want to access it from elsewhere :
has you see you don’t need to get the mesh, all components that is part of your BP (not adding in Instances) are public and can be access without passing throuth his parent component.
[Edit] sorry we are in the C++ section, so my answer is not realy nice^^. i’ll make a new one.

It realy depend of the context, from where do you want to access it? If you realy want to use c++ for this part, you should first create a sublass of ThirdPersonCharacter in c++ and add your component from there, your life will be better, (not impossible but harder and not optimised). Then create a BP from your new ThirdPersonCharacter class (or not).