Accessibility features for graphics tablets for those that unable to use a mouse.

I use a graphics tablet due to injury in my wrist that wont allow me to use the mouse for a long period and thus i have been using a simple wacom graphics tablet which i must say works wonders in unreal engine apart from a few areas but the main issue is right clicking.

in the bluepoint view port right clicking moves the view port when using a mouse but when it comes to to the graphics tablet you have to hover the mouse above the tablet and right click and hold the awkward button on the pen and keep swiping and this puts a lot of strain on ones arm.

other engines (Godot/Unity) while they keep the right click they also have a modifier key (Godot: Space & Unity: Right-Alt) that allows you to press it and use the left mouse button which if implemented somehow into unreal engine would allow me to press the assigned button and physically put pen to graphics tablet to relieve any strain on the arm.

Just a simple shortcut in the options would bring a whole new enjoyment and pain relief to me and actually allow me to properly use unreal engine :smiley:

Thanks you for reading :smiley: