Accessed None... When using Set Only Owner See after Emitter

I am attaching a picture of what the problem is. How come that node doesn’t know the emitter component reference when it’s been connected right after? How would you connect it before it disappears or what is the problem? Anyone?

I’m at work, can’t double check. Pretty sure though that set owner only see works if the object’s owner is part of the same actor as the camera.

Also they have some solutions that might work for you.

Thanks for sharing a possible solution. Tried the last one and it didn’t work for some reason. I was trying to make the Weapon BP owner to be the character but I am not sure what the problem is to be honest. This comes from a tutorial where in earlier versions of UE4 you had the Attachtocomponent node and the guy wasn’t having that issue.

Usually an access none error is a bad reference. Have you tried attaching the weapon actor to the character and then doing a cast to the character in the weapon bp? It’s a quick dirty method to test if that fixes the issue.

You may need to do: get player controller>cast to your controller bp>get controlled pawn>cast to your character bp> get weapon reference.

This is definitely not ideal for something used often, but it should work unless the weapon actor is not attached correctly. If that works you can setup an interface that works between your weapon and character, which is usually an efficient way to do it.

Hey man. I just went that route by casting from the weapon BP and getting a reference from this same BP but coming from my character and even though I can get to the same skeletal mesh that way the problem persist. Kind of redundant doing it like that but it didn’t work anyway. I might have to find another way to do this first/third person show/hide stuff. Or maybe I should find someone that knows how to use that node as I even tried to use it in the Character BP and it didn’t work either. Always the same error.

You know I fixed it by doing something by pure luck when checking the replication tab in the class details of my FP_Weapon_BP. I first removed the node only owner see and then ticked “Only Relevant to Owner” and the emitter doesn’t show on the third person anymore.

Now the TP_Weapon doesn’t work doing it like that. Now I can see a muzzle flash over my FP_Weapon. This thing is crazy.

Ok, finally had some time to mess around. I tested those solutions i gave you and sadly they did not work, sorry about that. But I did get the basic logic to work on test project.

I added this to the character BP: do once> spawn actor(weapon)>AttachActorToComponent before the rest of your code.

Attach the weapon actor to camera boom for third person or your FP camera for first person. All you need to do is setup a boolean for which camera the player is using, put in a branch and make two pathways, one for first person and the other for third person. If you set it up properly it will auto attach to the proper camera giving you the desired effect when the player manually switches.

Hope this helps you out.

Wait… Thanks for taking the time in checking this out. The project is not about FP and TP but a Multiplayer which contains both in the same BP. 1 single camera. So what I am doing is setting both perspectives the player in FP and how everyone sees you in TP.

Can you not set the value before spawning the emitter?

Easiest thing to do is to drag from the pin of the emitter template, create a variable, expose it so you can modify it in level too.

I have parenting and ownership running on Niagara emitters that are only visible to a special camera for distance field capture, so it’s 100% achievable.

It did need a work around though, and I do not recall what that was.
Probably had to do with setting the owner of the particle to be the camera actor in charge of capturing.

I think I tried a few things but what would be the target then if I set only owner see?

Depends on what to you need?
The owner that can see has to be or include a camera/capture component.

In my case with the distance fields that’s straight forward because no one aside the specific component will capture it locally.

For mp and npcs there’s a procedure called by proximity on the component that sets the capture for the client you are on.

I have no idea exactly what you are trying to achieve as the end result.

The node makes only one specific actor/camera see the object.

If the sprite has to be visible by other players in MP, then that node isn’t the one to use (as there’s more than 1 client that’s able to see the same sprite).