Accessed none when trying to get the call function get player.


I was following along this tutorial → result in graph transition in object . Pretty sure I followed all the directions to a T but after compiling saving and going to play I’m getting an error message (Accessed None when trying to read property call function get player character return value from function. And also accessed none from function : Execute Ubergraph_My animation_ Blueprint from node result transition in object accessed none.

The tutorial is for 4.9 and I’m working in 4.12. I just assumed there wouldn’t be any major issues in regards to that.

While my character can move around and crouch there is no jump animation he just levitates into the sky. Also he is doing this crazy twitch while in motion. Also I do not seem to be able to enter the prone position.

Anyone willing to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated.

do you solve it?