Accessed None when Component referenced in AnimBlueprint

Referring to Accessed None when accessing Component in AnimGraph - Character & Animation - Unreal Engine Forums

The Component referenced is never null. Neither in Event Initialize Animation nor elsewhere.
Not to mention that the component is an inherent part of the Character BP.
The Animation works, but still throws this Exception.

Here’s the Initialize Animation Code.

And this is the output:


Why does it print the DisplayName of the Character two times?
There’s also an empty line. Maybe it is the “accessed none” Component?

Kind of solution:

Placing the Character onto the map initializes the Animation already on the map.

When using Player Start/Spawning the Character, accessed none is thrown.

I guess the Animation is initialized before the Component!

Hey Raildex_,

This is likely the result of the AnimBP preview playing. Do you have the AnimBP open when you PIE?


no. It’s not because of the Preview Mode.