Accessed none "Var" from node


i am trying to get a matinee to play, when a timer hits a certain level.

On my pawn blueprint “Bp plane” i have a boolean variable “playing” that is set to become false when timer hits a certain time.
On my level editor i try the following sequence,


but get a

"Accessed none from “Bp Plane” from node “branch” in blueprint “Example map”

Any ideas what i do wrong?

Thank you in advance

In your level blueprint, on event begin play, try to set your variable with your spawned actor (with get all actors / get / set if you have only one plane of this type in level or loop / find the right one / set.

aside from what Fen said, also make sure you variable “playing” is set as “editable” in your BP plane to make it *visible *for other BPs (if you’re using 4.6+ ofc)

I have tried Fen’s approach, and still can’t seem to figure it out how to do it. Don’t think it’s the approach thats wrong, mere my newbie skills that can’t concieve it yet :slight_smile:

Level Blueorint.jpg
This is my level blueprint, with what it all that it contains at the moment.

This is my pawn blueprint. What is shown is everything that is regarding the variable, and this part works fine all the way.

I have no instanced parts regarding anyting.

This is not the cinematic you need to set but the bp_plane.
For now your variable is a variable bp_plane, but the level doesn’t know which one. If for example you are in a multi player with dozens of planes, it’ll need an info to know to which plane send infos.
To do that you need to set the variable bp_plane with the value of the plane you want to communicate.

If the plane is in the level before the begin play, select it in your level, open your level blueprint, do right click and “create a reference to bp_plane” then drag a “set bp_plane” link the white input to event begin play, the blue input to reference you’ve just created, compile, save, test.