accessed none trying to read the property adjust variable!

Hello, I was making my weapon system more complex in my project and when I got to that Eureka moment where everything fits with everything.
Sooner or later that bad moment comes when small problems become big problems xD,
well the thing is this,
I create a variable called CurrentArm that adjusts when you change weapons or grab a weapon, ok?
well so far so good.
But when I reload, I drop the gun and click it around.
throws me an error that is accesed none trying to read the property ArmaActual and the error leads me to adjust firing,
but this variable is only set to true when you click or false when you release the click,
like when you shoot, this variable has nothing to do with current weapon.
well before I threw an error that the delay block does not try to reach the primary weapon.
but it is the same has nothing to do.
the thing is that with this delay event it solved itself.
But this problem of clicking and releasing it is driving me crazy. I don’t know what to do.
maybe it was not understood well,
but my problem more or less is that when you click the player shoots, ok
shoot with the current weapon.
the current weapon is adjusted according to whether the player changes weapons,
normal. but if I throw the gun while I reload and I spend it shooting with nothing this error throws me that the error, it leads me to the event to click.

The only thing the click function does is set a variable to true or false, which has nothing to do with the current weapon.
well thanks for your time. if you can think of anything let me know :slight_smile:

Can you post an image of your blueprint? I’m having trouble understanding what your doing.