Accessed None trying to read property

hello can someone help me set widget component it keeps giving me Accessed None trying to read property CallFun_GetUserWidgetObject_ReturnValue_1… Set Visibility … knowing that the Widget component is a C++ script that i just copied from ArchViz explorer project

It because ‘widget component’ isn’t assigned to anything. How did you set it? How does it know which widget component you’re referring to?

how to i set it ? what should be the input

Presumably you created this widget component?

no i have copied it its a c++ script from ArchVizexplorer project from Epic games

But you’re adding it to the screen at some point?

yes its used to set visibility , Get widget space function, Get user Widget Object function, Get World Location function,
POI are rooms which is a Cube with widget component Billboard Springarm (CameraPreview)

Find references


because at some point, before using it, you need to


with something…

i have checked for the archviz project that i took from it its all get without set

its confusing… thanks alot for the help appreciate it

You want to set the visibility of this component. But what is this component?

In the construction script, is there



no there is set Widget space

Ok, then I’m guessing you have widget components in the component list:





yes i am using it but its same error

Does the component have a widget assigned?

yes its this one

i think it has to do with this another functionnn

There’s no assignment. I’m guessing it needs to be set manually, but can’t tell from here…

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