Accessed None Trying to Read Property

I am a newbie and while setting up my Player Respawn I am getting the following error.

“Blueprint Runtime Error: “Accessed None trying to read property Game Mode”. Blueprint: Hero Function: Execute Ubergraph Hero Graph: EventGraph Node: Respawn Player”
The 4th image is where the error is coming from, but I backtracked my steps and uploaded the images in an arranged fashion to make it clear for you guys/gals to spot my mistake.

So, the thing I am doing and as per my understanding. I am respawning the Character by setting up a player spawn transform which records and sends data from the Hero Character to Game Mode and telling the Game Mode where the Hero Character was born.

Then as soon as the Game Begins and Player Spawns I send the PlayerSpawnTrasform information to game mode.

Last but not the least the runtime error is originating from the “Game Mode” and “Respawn Player”. The thing going on here is pretty self-explanatory.

So, yeah after all this I am getting the Blueprint Error. If I mistated anything please go soft on me as I just picked up Unreal Engine a week ago.

Are the last 2 images from the same blueprint?

In the last image, you could try casting to the game mode - that should work fine. Or are you actively trying to set up a reference to avoid casting?