Accessed None trying to read property Stored Pawn

I’m most likely doing something really wrong with 4.13.0 in OSX 10.11.6

I’m trying to replicate the AIS_PlayerController and AIS_PawnPlayer from the great video tutorial “Making Game Ready AI”.

The Tutorial uses 4.10.4. It works great in that version.

I’m trying to create both of these even graphs in UE 4.13. I’m trying to create them, as pasting them from the site makes UE 4.13.0 explode.

I’ve pretty much got it, I think, but I always get the error in the Message Log of:

I can wrap the ‘StoredPawn’ getter with isValid logic, but then it does not perform any task as it’s never valid.

So my question is one of the following:

  • Is there a completely new way to code the same logic from the even graphs for those two objects in 4.13.0?


  • Do I just need to tweak something from the original code to make it work in 13?

Here’s what I have so far (I squished this section of it up a bit so that it fit in the image zoom level):

Any getter for StoredPawn returns the ‘accessed none’ error. The other areas that use a reference to the StoredPawn variable blow up just the same.


You have to set the value of “Stored Pawn” first…
Try hook a setter on Event BeginPlay. There’s a neat function called “Get Controlled Pawn” in PlayerController class.

Thanks! I’ll try that!

How do you fire the setter from BeginPlay? The ‘target’ of BeginPlay is an actor, but the GetControlled function is not. How do you ‘Exec’ from BeginPlay to fire the GetControlledPawn?

It says I need a ‘Pawn Actions Component Reference’


Does this make sense? It compiles, but…


Even after connection the Exec from AIController to the cast, it doesn’t work

I’ve maybe a similar problem.
I can’t get the Black Box between Stored Pawn and SetWordRotation ( Target → Controller Arrow ) and also there is the same problem with
(Target → Spring Arm) between Stored Pawn and GetWorldRotation.

Maybe anyone knows how this sort of problem can be fixed.

Edit: If found the problem. I just should watch a bit longer insteat of watching the parts i don’t understand again and again