Accessed None trying to read property, Can't access my inventory blueprint

I have an input action “Inventory” in my character blueprint.

When I press the “I” button, the Inventory shorcut key, it cannot access the functions (HideInventory, ShowInventory) in my Inventory blueprint. It says access none.

I have a variable InventoryReference in my character blueprint, referencing the Inventory blueprint.

Please help me, it’s so frustrating, I’ve been trying to make my inventory system to work but I cannot seem to overcome such simple problem.


Are you setting the reference anywhere?

the InventoryReference variable type in BP_Inventory reference, my inventory blueprint.

the InventoryReference variable type is BP_Inventory reference, my inventory blueprint.

maybe I don’t understand your answer, or I wasn’t clear enough. You have a InventoryBp, which u are referencing. But, that reference is null at the start right? You’ll need to set it. In inventoryBP → OnBeginPlay → get your character ->set the reference (Not at home now can’t test it but should work)

Hey man you are awesome! I’m not 100% sure I understand you because english is not my first language. But I went looking where to set the InventoryReference. I set it in my character blueprint. and now it works! Now I can press “I” button and it toggles the inventory widget on and off.
Thank you so much!!!

Well done mate

Hey thanks for your explanation, I’ve been trying to wrap my head around these errors for a long time and it just clicked for me!