Accessed None trying to read Blueprint Component


I’m getting an accessed none error when I try and call a blueprint component (from any blueprint). This problem seemed to crop up out of nowhere, and I’m not sure what to do here. The blueprint component does exist, and I’m getting the object reference legitimately.

Any advice? Thanks!

The golden rule with ‘accessed none’ is click the last thing on the line, and it will take you to the call that is getting the ‘none’.

At that point, you are passing nothing to a node. It doesn’t matter if you think you aren’t, you are, that’s what the error means.

In your case, yes, you have an object reference, but is it actually referencing anything? Have you assigned it?

Thanks for the tip! This probably isn’t really an accessed none problem. When I replace the variable call with an Add call it eliminates the error messages but doesn’t fix the gameplay issue that (I thought) the error was causing. This probably means (?) that there is an error in the blueprint I’m referencing, somewhere, which was causing it to throw an accessed none error. But now I have no error message to help troubleshoot! ■■■■.

Can you post to suspect code?