Accessed none trying to access

Hi there.
I have set up the Player Controller to create a ui for the player and constantly update the values.
It works perfectly fine but if i have a new player join the server i get constant accessed none trying to read errors even though it is still working perfectly fine.
Player 2 will join the ui will display their health and ammo etc but i get accessed none trying to read UI values even thought they are still working fine.

If it is working fine what could this error mean?

Ui is a client-side interface so better fill it in character, not with can easily add a reference to a character in UI and bind a function to that reference and it will update automatically

Hi there, i have a similar issue. My client can move its pawn but when i close the editor i get alot of errors saying accesse none trying to get controlled pawn. I thinks it’s because there are two copies of the clients player controller. One on the server and one on the owning client. But im not entirely sure.

You could try setting up your UI only on owning client and see if that helps.