Accessed none: print string on hit

I’ve seen other similar issues to mine, but none that were able to solve my particular problem. I want to print “hit” when my projectile hits the target. My blueprint is as follows:

And the error log:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I should add that the blueprint does in fact work, “hit” is printed correctly when the projectile hits. But it still generates the error.

It doesn’t look like this is caused by the Hit event or anything you put behind it.

“Accessed None” usually means that a variable is not available. You can check that via a simple “IsValid” node to prevent this error from occurring… however it shouldn’t be possible for this to occur in the part you show…

OK great. I’ll give this a shot and let you know the results. Thank you!

Print out the value of “Other” from your event, it could be the value is none and the error is spawning from trying to get the tag from an invalid actor.

Typically this error means something is invalid that you are assuming exists. Typically you want to verify each input is valid before referencing it if you don’t have max surety that it will always be valid.

Testing if anything is valid is simple, you can drag out of most any type and choose isValid as a pure boolean or a macro version for the execution chain.