Accessed None "MyCharacter" from node For EachLoop

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I create question and no one answer from yesterday until now , so i post it here , hope from anyone help me to solve my issue

I follow tutorial from AntiquisTheGame

He is create inventory , but i convert to my idea to menu list , the detail in below .

I have issue with Menu list that contents ( Documents, notes, Maps etc.)

I picked up item ( Document ) for example. Then when i pressed (M) Keyboard it will show me menu list, this step okay.

After that when i clicked document button it will show me Document list, i mean new document list widget.

It will not show me the name of document in document list

I created Button Text Widget and linked to Document list as Child Parent ( Document Scroll )

I don’t know where is problem , here my blueprints

My Character Blueprint

Document Widget Blueprint


Help me to achieve this

If this not clear or not understand what i wrote , please tell me to give you more or what is missing

Help me to achieve this


I’m shock !!!
No one help ? not even staff ?
I don’t believe it :frowning:

Well, it says "Accessed None ‘MyCharacter’, this means that your MyCharacter variable is wrong, so it can’t do the loop correctly.

Click on your ‘MyCharacter’ in the ‘variables’ tab, and make sure the ‘default value’ is correct.

And sorry that nobody replied, just be patient.

Hey TakeTimeGames,

How is the MyCharacter reference set in the Document Widget Blueprint?