Accessed None 'k2Node_Event_OtherActor'

I’ve had a look around before posting so i think i have a reasonable idea what this error means i just can’t for the life of me figure out whats causing it in this instance. I understand the error is caused when something can’t access something else usually this happens if your trying to destroy stuff ect however i can’t see why its happening here.

The error says
“Accessed None ‘K2Node_Event_OtherActor’ from node Set Actor Location in blueprint dropCube”

I’ve have tried removing and adding each of the pins and I believe i have traced the error to the event actor begin overlap, as when i remove the other actors from it the error goes away i haven’t managed to fix it though.

Can anyone have a look and see if whats causing it is immediately obviously.

Does connecting the “Event Actor Begin Overlap” to the branch immediately after “Tick” get rid of the error?
Also I feel that using the overlap event isn’t a good way of determining whether or not something is in the way for the actor to fall down. Because it will move before seeing that the actor is overlapping THEN it will stop moving.
So it will be inside the other actor.

I would use a trace line to see if there is an actor directly below itself.
although I think that that would be very intensive if there are tonnes of these actors in the level

Just doing that didn’t fix it however i was able to separate all of the overlap stuff into one line set the can move variable at the end and then shorten the event tick to 1 branch and the function. Doing that seems to have fixed it so thanks.

's comment is pretty much the answer, thanks greatly for the help

Very happy to help :slight_smile: