Accessed None from node in blueprint

Hi everyone.

I hava an error that i don’t understand. When the variable dissolve in my cube blueprint attains 0.9, then my variable ressolve in my sphere blueprint is decremented … Concretely it works (i think) but i have this error (last picture) when i stop “Play” … Maybe i don’t call correctly my variable “dissolve” in sphere blueprint ?

(Picture when it works)

But i have this error

I read that i must to use the cast… but it doesn’t work too …

However in my variable, i think it’s correctly assign

But it doesn’t appear in the space automatically

Someone to tell me what i do please ? … I don’t understand … really …

You’re accessing None because the object “Dissolve” doesn’t exist yet. (In your third image you assign the class type, but the object is still empty.)

You need to either place an object of type “Cube Blueprint” in your map or spawn it afterwards, then set the Dissolve variable to this object.

In my map do you mean in my scene ? Because they are already my cube blueprint in my scene …

The variable that you have entitled Dissolve is a Cube Blueprint Actor Reference, not a Cube Blueprint itself. If the Cube Blueprint already exists in the scene, you’ll need to get a reference to it and assign it to the Dissolve variable, either by doing so in the Details panel or through using the Get All Actors of Class blueprint node.

Yes it works ! Thank you ! I use Get all actors of Class with ForEachLoop.