Accessed None from Contains Node


I’m having an accessed none error from a blueprint and I’m not sure why. This blueprint is part of an inventory component, this code handles the equipping of armour.

The Branch Node on the right of the screenshot is throwing up an accessed none error, the Contains node isn’t outputting anything.

The thing is I’m not sure why…

The Find node has an IsValid check so it’s not trying to find data from an armour that doesn’t exist, and all the armours have covering slots set up correctly in their Armour Data. I also went ahead and made sure that “Equipped Armour slots” has blank keys set up. I’m very confused, could someone explain what’s happening here?

The none is coming from the FIND on the left.

But how? what part of it is Null and why doesn’t the IsValid pick up on it if it’s returning null?

Notice the error says:


So, the map is valid, but you haven’t found what you were looking for ( I think ).