Accessed none even though it shouldnt?

I have just recently begun re creating my corrupted project in UE4 (from scratch) and I keep getting an access none error

which leads to an empty function (from an interface) when I click on it.

But from reading it, it seems to actually mean here

This error only occurs when I am moving the player via keyboard not and not mouse (its a top down game) and rotating the camera via the above function simultaneously?

Can anyone see any problems here? I can’t.

Could you explain a little more about how your InputActionCameraControl is supposed to work??

this might be a bandaid of a solution but… cant you just do a ‘isvalid’ in your ‘direct interact’ function??

Ok, so what this does is when the player holds down the middle mouse button, the camera will rotate around the player depending on the mouse x input (it’s a top down game, similar to divinity original sin).

Therein lies the problem.

The direct interact function on the controller is never being called, and if you read the error, its actually meaning the third image has a problem, even though it doesn’t link there.

(So no, I’ve tried that and many other things, including a print string, and none of them even fire, so its not there that has the problem.)

I discovered the problem, I was trying to use the player casted as mainpawn later on in the script, and I didnt realise that because that part was way further away.

So what was happening was that it was trying to access a variable which was only available for a certain part of the time.