Accessed NONE errors

I had a project go currupt that I had been working on. I managed to salvage most of it through backed up files, however.

When I started a new project and imported these files, I ran into some errors I was not getting before, even though the programming is exactly the same.

My project is a puzzle game. I have created both a hint and a star system to go along with it. The way it works is, you start the puzzle with five stars, and every time you use a hint, you lose a star. Once you finish the puzzle, it adds the remaining stars to the total of stars available for each puzzle section. This number is then bound to a text box that appears on the screen after you exit the puzzle. This worked perfectly before, so I don’t know what the problem is now.

This is the bp for the binding
This is the subtraction when you use a hint
adding up.jpg
And this is the total up at the end

When I exit the game, I get this:

Nevermind. Solved it. I have the total for the stars stored in my custom game instance bp. I had forgotten to change it to the new one in the project settings.