Accessed none error...

Hi all i am trying to have my player vehicle respawn at the previous checkpoint when the player gets stuck …This should be pretty straight forward but i simply cannot get it to work … I keep getting this error .

(Blueprint runtime error: “accessed None trying to read property CONTROLLER REFERENCE”. Blueprint: player_car_BP function execute ubergraph player car BP graph event graph Node respawn vehicle) .I cannot find the issue…The car gets destroyed but not respawned I am following the timed racer tutorial from epic on youtube

This is where i set it . am i misunderstanding you? thanks for your patience i am not the sharpest knife in the draw lol

The first suggestion gave me a hard crash … it created an infinite loop. The second option throws up these errors.Anyway thanks for your help i clearly have more problems than this.i will have a good look through the blueprints and see if i can make sense of it .Thanks again