"Accessed None" Bugs (Dedicated Server)

Hey, been working on a TC for a couple months now, got it to a stage where I figured it was polished enough to push it to our community server but, when we got it on there, we realised a number of the new features implemented simply weren’t functional. Took me a while to figure out, but running the Play In Editor as a dedicated server also exhibits the same issues, allowing me to debug the problem a bit more readily, but the problems seem… nonsensical.

To add context for at least one of the issues, I have a sign which, when punched, toggles an AmbientSound actor on and off (essentially toggle-able area music). From viewing the level blueprint whilst attempting such an action, I can see that the punch event fires as it should, all subsequent actions are run as one would imagine but there is no visible change in the game. Upon exiting the actual play-test, the dreaded “Errors/Warnings reported whilst playing in editor” notification pops up, showing the error “Accessed None ‘AmbientSound_14_ExecuteUbergraph_Arena_WIP_RefProperty’ from node FadeOut in blueprint Arena_WIP”.

Now I’m completely stumped as to what this means – what’s most baffling is the fact that the error only exists on dedicated servers, with the blueprints running completely as expected in singleplayer/local play. Not sure if anyone has encountered anything similar or knows what on Earth is going on but any help would be greatly appreciated, for I am completely at a loss with this one.

Thanks in advance!

Accessed None pretty much tells you what’s happening. It’s not finding what you’re expecting it to find, basically it’s reading an empty variable.

If this is only happening on a dedicated, my first guess would be you’re attempting to do something involving replication and things aren’t set up correctly.

A few points could be attempting to read non-replicated variables that were set via server-run code, attempting to access variables/code outside of the server code that can only be read from the server code… in your case I could only guess that either the variable is not being set, or some hidden issue you’ve inadvertently created in regards to replication.

Mainly, anything that generally doesn’t work as intended on servers will be due to replication issues, which is to be expected really.

But, I could be completely wrong.