Accessed non trying to read property CallFunc_GetBlackboard_ReturnValue from:

I created an AI system which makes the pawn move randomly in the level and if there is vision overlay this with the player, as a threat, he runs behind it. But ocurring this error as shown in the image. I would like to ask for help to solve this.

Can you show full error? it cut in the image

Yes. Added another image =)

There is node “Get Blackboard” that return None (which is like null, object not exist) for some reason, i didn’t play with UE4 AI system much but my wild guess is for some moment blackbord don’t exist for it or it is not set. You need to edit your graph so it will be prepared for such a state, easiest solution is to use “Is Valid” and “Branch” node to check if object is not none and if it do something… or do nothing if you code can handle that

Thanks man! Now everything works normally! =)

Here’s the New Event Graph: