Access Violation Reading Location while checking for nullptr

For some reason I cannot explain, this code is erroring out whenever I try and check for a nullptr.

Does anyone know how I can fix this? It specifically errors out inside that condition. But I know for a fact that these are not null because I’m using the debugger at the same time and can see that they’re not.

            if (Sidekick != nullptr && FollowerAIControllerClass != nullptr)

“UE4Editor-Engine.dll” Unless your code is in the Engine module, it’s not your code that is reporting the access violation.

How can I go about resolving this?

Eh, It’s more likely that whatever is calling that code is null, not those objects themselves (which could be garbage values) - the engine is likely just a middle-man. Pretty rare to actually have a crash in one of the engine DLLs.

You can grab the Engine Debug Symbols from the Epic Launcher if you want more info.