Access Violation on NVLink'd Devices when importing Textures

While importing a set of normal maps for a character, I kept running in to a access violation error that would completely crash the UE Editor. Looking at the logs, it seems to be related to accessing VRAM between to NVlink’d GPUs (EVGA RTX 3090s). This seems to be random depending the the asset imported. This is what I pulled from the log/xml:

				<CallStack>nvwgf2umx 0x00007ffff0060000 + d3ef29 D3D12Core 0x00007fff52b30000 + e0dce D3D12Core 0x00007fff52b30000 + 11f75c d3d12 0x00007ff83c660000 + 45f3 d3d12 0x00007ff83c660000 + 10da9 d3d12 0x00007ff83c660000 + 10ab0 d3d12 0x00007ff83c660000 + 10bb4 d3d12 0x00007ff83c660000 + 11200 D3D12Core 0x00007fff52b30000 + 1a4f2f dxgi 0x00007ff85ff80000 + 7a6ee dxgi 0x00007ff85ff80000 + 76da4 dxgi 0x00007ff85ff80000 + 781b8 dxgi 0x00007ff85ff80000 + 20e46 dxgi 0x00007ff85ff80000 + 20d8d dxgi 0x00007ff85ff80000 + 20c79 dxgi 0x00007ff85ff80000 + 20a5c NahimicOSD 0x00007ff827200000 + 1794c UnrealEditor-D3D12RHI 0x00007fff53040000 + 14906d UnrealEditor-D3D12RHI 0x00007fff53040000 + 147f97 UnrealEditor-D3D12RHI 0x00007fff53040000 + 145c3b UnrealEditor-SlateRHIRenderer 0x00007fff74b80000 + 2c73c UnrealEditor-SlateRHIRenderer 0x00007fff74b80000 + 47f21 UnrealEditor-Slate 0x00007fff8e430000 + 7484b UnrealEditor-Slate 0x00007fff8e430000 + 49b14 UnrealEditor-Slate 0x00007fff8e430000 + 9af99 UnrealEditor-Slate 0x00007fff8e430000 + 9a728 UnrealEditor-UnrealEd 0x00007fff8c330000 + 8b6bf3 UnrealEditor-UnrealEd 0x00007fff8c330000 + 883b1b UnrealEditor-Core 0x00007fff95770000 + 3d4707 UnrealEditor-Core 0x00007fff95770000 + 3ca6d4 UnrealEditor-Core 0x00007fff95770000 + 40760d UnrealEditor-RLPlugin 0x00007fff65140000 + 3cec6 UnrealEditor-RLPlugin 0x00007fff65140000 + 3923c UnrealEditor-UnrealEd 0x00007fff8c330000 + 6a2141 UnrealEditor-AssetTools 0x00007fff75060000 + 12d94d UnrealEditor-AssetTools 0x00007fff75060000 + 12a1b4 UnrealEditor-UnrealEd 0x00007fff8c330000 + dd4606 UnrealEditor-UnrealEd 0x00007fff8c330000 + dbaeb4 UnrealEditor-UnrealEd 0x00007fff8c330000 + daac2d UnrealEditor-Engine 0x00007fff8ea20000 + 1febdd4 UnrealEditor-Engine 0x00007fff8ea20000 + 204b4ba UnrealEditor-UnrealEd 0x00007fff8c330000 + 50ce6f UnrealEditor-UnrealEd 0x00007fff8c330000 + e99f56 UnrealEditor-DisplayClusterEditor 0x00007fff603b0000 + 3c1d UnrealEditor 0x00007ff718430000 + 82f6 UnrealEditor 0x00007ff718430000 + 20d9c UnrealEditor 0x00007ff718430000 + 20e8a UnrealEditor 0x00007ff718430000 + 23c4d UnrealEditor 0x00007ff718430000 + 35534 UnrealEditor 0x00007ff718430000 + 386e6 KERNEL32 0x00007ff863d30000 + 17034 ntdll 0x00007ff863fb0000 + 52651</CallStack>
				<Registers />

Disabling the NVlink’d fixed the issue for now…but I am not sure if this is a bug in UE, DX12, or the NVIDIA driver itself…Thoughts?