Access to Use Emissve For Static Lighting

Hey everyone,

can anyone tell me where i can find the equivalent to the Use Emissive for Static Lighting toggle from the Editor for an actor in c++ or how the lightmass settings of the actor can be accessed in c++?
Thanks For your help!

i can access the other lightmass related things like for example the override lightmass resolution like this:

CubeActor->GetStaticMeshComponent()->OverriddenLightMapRes = NewLightMapRes;

They are part of the static mesh component. But for the Use Emissve for Static Lighting i’m not sure. I found this:


But i’m not really sure how to go from there.

So for anyone looking for this:
CubeActor->GetStaticMeshComponent()->LightmassSettings; is a struct so it can be accessed like this:
CubeActor->GetStaticMeshComponent()->LightmassSettings.bUseEmissiveForStaticLighting = true;

the default version is FLightmassPrimitiveSettings