Access to the personal learning dashboard

Where is the link to the previous learning dashboard where we could track the courses we did and the progress ?

Thank you,

It is at

Thank you for the quick reply JoeRadak.
I got confused with the new website and the Learning access link on the left.

Is it normal that completing a course there doesn’t unlock you the badge here on the forum?

You’ll see your badge appear in probably the next week or so!

Starting soon there should be weekly updates of Learning Portal badges to the ones you’re seeing on your forum profile.

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Hello, I was looking through games curriculum and wanted to start learning, but when I clicked on the courses, there were only course catalogs? I wasn’t able to find anywhere else to see those courses and I want to learn exactly like that learning path. I would be glad if you guys help me with that! Like are the lessons in that link exactly what they addressed in the curriculum? and if yes, how can I find them between all of those? like they had some numbers before their name in the catalog.