Access to texture data on static object in Blueprint

it will be great we can get texture data from static mesh in blueprint , for example if you want to spawn an actor on specific area on mesh , you can do that through a texture mask map easily , i think its really necessary . we can do lot of thing with this feature.


So far, It’s not possible to access texture data. Since it does not exist. It’s on Shader level. The only way to do that is to use vertex color info.
Shader data is GPU driven, and there’s no way to feed it back to CPU level except baking the texture.

so you mean its posible to use spawn on vertex color information ? could you tell me how its possible ?

IIRC it was example/tutorial like water splashes or something like that.

thank s-ed , could you tell me what is IIRC mean ? , anyway i hope to see this feature in ue4.

IIRC = if I recall correctly, IIRC