Access to structure when index or name or enumeration...


It Is the first time I use a structure in blueprints and I wonder how can access to value. Only find “make” and “break” options :confused:.

am I missing something?

I want to access at last, for “get” and “set”, like arrays does, using a index.

Structs are not indexed, so there is no other way to access individual data members outside of the “break” method. A struct is simply a custom data type - a convenient way to group a certain set of variables together in one chunk.

If you can describe what you are trying to do, it will be easier to give some suggestions regarding how to move forward.

Hi Xenome thank, well I have a structure and an enumeration of ammunition caliber so IMO I can “break” the structure to pass the data to a temp integrate array, find the value by index, set the value and “make” the enumeration again.

… this may solve your problem in some scenarios thou … ; ] ,