Access to Emissive Value of Material

Hello community,

I am working the first time with Unreal.

I have a question about the access to a emissive value of a Material.
What I try to do is to turn the light on off of a warning light.
The first picture shows the turn on/off condition.
The second one the parameter Name of the light (Emissive Left).

My bool conditions are working fine but I wasnt able to turn the light off or on,

Could you guys help me ?

@Schnarek I think you have the wrong node for setting the emissive then. You can have a mesh with material already applied and then set the emissive, or you can assign as material instance dynamic to the mesh and then set the emissive. See pix.

@ClockworkOcean I think you are right, my problem is that I don’t have access to the static mesh (its hidden).
I thought it would be possible to set just the value emissive value of a Material without access to the mesh.

But thank you.

@Schnarek If you have the mesh in a BP ( which you apparently do ), you can do it, no problem, like this…

Emissiveness is just the parameter name in my material, yours would be ‘Emissive Left’.

( you don’t have to set the material, I’m just showing that also. If the material is already set in the details, you can just jump straight in with the parameter )