Access to blueprints default paramteres

Hi guys,

I have class

class SPACE_PROTOTYPE_API AWgBlueprint : public AActor

	UPROPERTY(EditAnywhere, BlueprintReadWrite, Category = "Equipment")
	TSubclassOf<AEquipment> EquipmentClass;

Basing on it, I’m creating a blueprint in editor and setting EquipmentClass to some default value (doesn’t matter). So this information stored in blueprint in editor.
How can I access to value of my parameter through C++ code without spawning a blueprint ?

I’m no expert but here’s the method I use and it seems to work fine.

//you need to find the UClass of your blueprint. StaticLoadClass finds it via the path name and it works outside of constructors,
//if you're using this code in a constructor you should use ConstructorHelpers::FObjectFinder instead
UClass *BPClass = StaticLoadClass(AActor::StaticClass(), NULL, TEXT("/Game/Blueprints/MyBlueprint.MyBlueprint_C"));

//if we found the blueprints UClass, we can then access the default object that UE4 creates for all its object types
if (BPClass){
    AWgBlueprint *DefaultObject = BPClass->GetDefaultObject<AWgBlueprint>();
    if (DefaultObject){
        //and now DefaultObject points to an object with the blueprints default values
        UClass *DefaultEquipmentClass = DefaultObject->EquipmentClass;

StaticLoadClass and FObjectFinder use slightly different path arguments, for StaticLoadClass use “/Path/Goes/Here/BP.BP_C”, and for FObjectFinder use "Class’/Path/Goes/Here/BP.BP_C’ "
Don’t modify the default object in any way, bad things will happen.

Thank you very much!

One style thing is that your AWgBlueprint* should be marked const. CDO (Class Default Objects) are intended to be const and not modified.