Access to a component of an actor

Hi, i’m trying to get the absolute location of 2 points (i used 1 boxes, but it isn’t important, i can use something else if needed) inside a blueprint with these nodes


but this always returns 0,0,0. Where am I wrong?
Thank you.

As there is no reason that it doesn’t work, it may be an issue like you forgot to set your blueprint in level or you don’t have the right one registered on your event by the right cast. Try to use a “m” event to a print string and print your two world location values via an append to see.
It may be your calcs after which do the trouble too.

Hi, the blueprint is the one of the player, i know he’s the right one because other event i made, like the jetpack based on space button, works.

What could i check?

Ok, so what i just did is dragging the camera and the character mesh from the basic character,
then i dragged two “get world location” and link their output to a print string via an “append”.
i used a “m” event to test and when i pressed m in play in viewport i saw both vector coordinates. If you have the same, then you have your vectorcoordinates and the trouble is from what you do after this, if you haven’t the same then there is an issue with your components.

I just went in the debug mode and hover the mouse on the variable to see if it gets read, it says 0.0.0

does your variable point to something specific in level or blueprint ( a blueprint set in your level not only the generic name or a mesh added in your blueprint via the component tab for example) if no then add them and set your variables with those references and it would be ok.

can’t seem to understand completely what you are doing here, so if this is out of place, just ignore & move on

might be shooting in the dark but looks like you need to right click -> ‘Get Player Character’ (pull from blue pin) ‘Cast to MyCharacter’ (pull from blue pin) and use context menu to pull the ‘Tail’ & ‘Spawner’ out where you can access them (target) (you might have to use ‘Get Actor’ in place of the player character, but make sure you have ‘set’ those 2 objects in the BP you are pulling them from)

can’t tell where you’re trying to get this from, whether you are in your character BP , or trying this in another BP, or a Widget or what you are trying to target (or what it is attached to)

I know this sounds a mess but sounds like it might help & hope it does. keep pluggin’ away :wink: