Access the sequencer with Python


Hope this fits into this thread^^
I want to access the sequencer (especially the export function of it) with Python. Right now there are no exposed functions for this (except for rendering and timeline/range options), so I tried writing a blueprint function myself (which can be accessed by Python).
Unfortunately, I am stuck with including the Sequencer.h file, which cannot open ‘KeyPropertyParams.h’ (even if it is in the project external dependencies).
Does someone had similar problems with this before, or is there maybe an easier solution to get the sequencer functions into python?
I would be thankful for every idea!

Thank you in advance for your help and time!

Have you seen that there’s a plugin called SequencerScripting? It offers a SequencerTools.render_movie() function.

Yes, I’ve seen it, but I need to export objects and cameras. This will be used to pass the cameras and scenes back to maya/blender for the animator. Also this can be useful if unreal is used as an previz tool.