Access Texture Coordinate Index via Material Instance?

I am trying to set up a material that allows me to adjust the texture coordinate index in my material instance. Is this possible? I currently have a setup that allows me to edit the uv tiling (see attached picture), but I can’t figure out how to gain parameter access to the coordinate index. This would be really useful, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Matt_Cooke -

There is no direct way to set up a parameter control of the UV Cooridnate index, but there is a workaround of sorts. You can add a StaticSwitchParameter and have one UV Index attached to True and Another Attached to False then the output connected to your Tiling Parameters above.


Thank You

Eric Ketchum


Thanks Eric,
That works perfectly!
For anyone else wanting to set this up, the network looks like this:

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I keep seeing the workaround for switching between two coordinate indexes but how about 5 or even 7? Anything over two?



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Hi, I can prupose a solution that works for N coordinate index

You need to create a Custom node that takes as inputs the desired TexCoor[i] nodes and a Scalar Parameter that indicates the desired coordinate index to pass in the material instance. And then a simple if or switch in HLSL/GLSL code and that’s it.

I post image to explain better :

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


Also, you can use “Switch” node from Math section. Easier than custom node and no any Switch Parametrs


Worked like a charm. Thank you!


Can’t seem to find this node in 5.1. Was it introduced in newer versions?

Hi. Everything the same. Working on 5.2