Access spline path reference in next level ue4

i create a spline path using Unreal Engine 4 - Easy Character Spline Movement (Blueprints) + Gravity is unaffected :D - YouTube tutorial. its work when i create but in next level it give error in set world location with reference to spline. how to access spline reference for next level.

So you made another level and put another spline in it. And then when you run, it gives an error?

Can you show the error?

You haven’t set the levelsplinereference variable. It’s no good setting it in the character you have to set it in the level, because that’s where the spline is.

( what I mean is, the variable is on the character that is placed in the level. you always have to set the spline variable for each level ).

EDIT: You can make it always happen automatically using the code on begin play, before the code you have there:

Is this code to be write in level blueprint? in get actor class access character or spline blueprint . then which set function use.

No this is in your character, where the rest of the code is.

In the get actor of class, you just put the name of your spline BP, whatever you called it.

thanks is work know.