Access panel from parent widget in child

I want to access an inherited grid panel from a parent widget on the child widget, but I want to do so from the widget designer so I can quickly create custom inventory widgets. however the parent Grid Panel doesn’t appear in the hierarchy, so I can’t add children to it from the designer.


Is it possible to access inherited panels from a parent widget in the designer or does it all have to be done via blueprint?

Afaik this cannot be done in UMG as of 4.25.

You can get an inherited panel reference in the reparented child widget but the panel will not appear in the Designer or work during Pre-Constuct. It won’t work run-time either.

There were once great plans for widget inheritance in BPs. But that never happened. :expressionless: Doubt things changed all of a sudden in the most recent version.

That’s a shame, I was designing my UI systems with the idea that they’d use inheritance like every other object does. Ah well back to the drawing board! Cheers!

Yeah, it’s not great the way it is. The best I could ever come up with is making highly customisable user widgets :expressionless:

Technically, it’s all there - it’s inherited after reparenting, but I never managed to get it to work: