Access None error. Camera controls not working.

So I had decided to try out something new in UE4. I wanted to see if I could make a RTS top down style camera just for the lols. I don’t know too much about coding and blueprints so I looked up a tutorial. Luckily I found a series on YouTube detailing how to do it. I watched the first video which was a basic setup of everything then moved onto the second. The second video showed the steps of making the camera and camera control blueprints. I’m about 95% sure I followed everything correctly and changed all the settings according to the video. Nevertheless when I hit play my camera doesn’t move when I hit the WASD keys and when I hit stop it brings up A LOT of Access None errors. I tried looking for other people with the same issue but had no luck. The few people who had the same issue in the comments of the tutorial didn’t really give concise answers either. pls help

The pictures below are the blueprint for the CameraPawnControler that I set up according to the tutorial.