Access Modifiers for Events

Hi there.

I would like to have the ability to decide which events are accessible from other classes.
It would be nice to have private Events I think we would benefit from that especially in regards with Replication.

For example I have special Interfaces and only these Interfaces should be called and nothing else.
These Interfaces call Run On Server Events and the RoS Event calls Multicast Events.
At the Moment, everyone has the ability to call the Interface, the Server and the Multicast Events, although I would like to hide the Server and Multicast Events.

Does the UFUNCTION meta tag ‘BlueprintProtected’ not do what you need?

I personally don’t think private events are a good idea, and it also breaks convention. Having a ‘Private’ event that can then be accessed in BP isn’t really ‘private’ - since inherited classes are not supposed to be able to directly access them.

Then again, BP isn’t really known for sticking to programming conventions so wth…

Oh, I was talking about BP only and not C++ with Blueprintable UFUNCTIONs,