Access marketplace on linux


I’m trying Unreal Engine for the first time. My development machine runs Linux. I’ve followed “build on linux” wiki page to install UE4Editor and it works fine.

But in launcher window there is no “marketplace” tab. What i found in answerhub is that marketplace is not yet available on linux.

So my question: is there some other way to access marketplace content on linux except UE4 launcher? Can i at least download demo games sources somewhere?


Launcher/Marketplace would be the only location where Epic’s samples are officially available.

Some people opt to download them from Windows and then copy to Linux, which is an alternative for the time being.

Also, you may find 3rd party projects around the Web as well, on the UE Forums or personal blog/websites.

For example here’s “KORATH: The Witcher Saga Inspired Environment” by Krzysztof Teper who kindly provided a full project with textures:

Another recent one is “Open Source Sonic Engine for Unreal Engine 4” by Brendon Allen at GitHub - StreakThunderstorm/Sonic-Unreal-Worlds: Open Source Sonic Engine for Unreal engine 4

There are of course more, these are just two I quickly got from my bookmarks. :slight_smile: