Access Groom parameters(or its Niagara parameters) via Blueprint

Hello UE4 devs

I wanted to request some blueprint nodes to get access to the Groom parameters for wind, gravity etc.
And also access via groom to its assigned Niagara asset would be cool so we can change the Niagara Parameters from Blueprint too.

thanks in advance.

This is an older post, so I’m not sure if this is due to recent changes, but in the current version, you do have blueprint access to the groom asset’s simulation settings via blueprints. You can access and override the groom component’s simulation settings by clicking on it and going to the Details panel:

For realtime adjustments, you can access the simulation settings struct directly from the groom component. You’ll need to split some pins to get at specific settings, but it is doable.

Hope that’s helpful for anyone who’s getting stuck!

Just an addendum for anyone who tries to use that method: Apparently dragging the pins from your groom component does not necessarily transfer all your settings, so if your hair looks a bit wonky, you may need to manually enter all your settings. Also, if your hair stops simulating, it’s likely because the ‘Enable Simulation’ box under ‘Solver Settings’ has become unchecked. I don’t know why it does that, but it’s an easy fix: just re-check it and everything should work. (I swear at first I thought this was a bug!)