Access Game Mode From Client


so I’ve been working on a multiplayer game and I’ve reach a point that I wanted to make “Trade System” or Send Add Friend Request to found player controller.
the only place in the whole blueprint world to store player controllers is the Game Mode, now I tried to access that from client but no avail.

could somebody shed some light on this ASAP, How To get a player controller of another player.

if not then i’ll end up solving it anyway ;).

GameMode is only available on the Server.
If you want to communicate between Clients, you need to do it over the server.

Clients have access only to their own Player Controller(s).
The Server has access to all.

I actually did it,

I accessed game mode from the client and have it execute events for the client from gamemode.

I had a client request to find a player controller from a hit by tracechannel and after success found, GameMode Sends an Event to Show a request window to the Found Client, such as friend requests or Trade.

I successfully did the request send, now I need to make the logic for a trading system since I have my inventory setup already.