Access Data Asset in BP?

Is there a way to access what’s inside Data Asset in BP?

I’ve got three teams - Red, Green and Blue. I created a struct and a class in C++ and then I created a Data Asset in editor. In this DataAsset I added three items - those items are my teams. Each team has a name and a certain linear color, right? Now I would like to place an NPC on a scene and in its Details I would like to have a dropdown list with all three names of the teams, so I could change a team that this NPC belongs to. I would like to pick up “Red” team, for example. And then I would change its NPC’s mesh color to red. I know how to change NPC’s mesh color, I think that I will need to create an enum to create this dropdown list, but I don’t know how to access data I have in DataAsset. I couldn’t find much info about DataAssets on a web. Any help?