Access Bone direction with SkeletalControl_LookAt in C++


I set up an AnimBp is using the SkeletalControl LookAt (am aware there is a large set, all part of the UAnimGraphNode_SkeletalControlBase).

I tried accessing the bone Xform using GetSocketWorldLocationAndRotation, but I don’t get the value that’s computed after the Skeletal control was applied. The Rotator I get is the UpVector, and I need the ForwardVector that the SkeletalControl is showing in the AnimPreview.
I know, one way is to rotate the 90 degrees to get the right direction, I would prefer to avoid that.

How can I access the SkelControl data? Can you point me to engine code that has this kind of access?
Most of the code related to SkeletalControl is in the Editor, I need need this at runtime.

Thank you