Access an actor attribute value of an Ability System Component

How can we access to the value of an attribute (Team) of an actor with an GameplayAbilitySystem ?

After some research I manage to make the following code, but it’s not working, it’s returning 0 :confused:

AActor* HitActor = HitResult.GetActor();
IAbilitySystemInterface* AbilitySystemInterface = Cast<IAbilitySystemInterface (HitActor);

			if (AbilitySystemInterface != NULL)
				UAbilitySystemComponent* ASC = AbilitySystemInterface->GetAbilitySystemComponent();

				if (ASC != NULL)
					static FProperty* Prop1 = FindFieldChecked<FProperty>(UGASAttributeSet::StaticClass(), GET_MEMBER_NAME_CHECKED(UGASAttributeSet, Team));
					float result1 = ASC->GetNumericAttribute(Prop1);