Access Actor's Components located in the Details tab of the Actor through Blueprint.

Hi, Im trying to become better at BP, so I apologize for not using the right terms.

I am currently using a BP into one of my actors (Decal) and this BP has a bunch of settings created in the construction script area, so I get to add textures and Base color tint straight from the Actors Details tab. Now, that Im trying to access some of these features that were modified in the details tab through the Level BP so I can change the object’s color from another software, Im having a hard time understanding how to get to those.

Originally I tried this, but didn’t work… so now I’m stuck…

Please see the image attached to help better understand what Im talking about.

Thanks you all big time!

You have to create a dynamic material instance, then you can set its parameters by their name

thanks for the help! So, I tried going this route but the issue I find when doing so in order to access the Base Color tint is that all the textures that are also assigned from the Actors Details tab get lost. I assume that happens because when using the create dynamic material instance node in the BP, it defaults all the textures to what is saved in the material instance and does not replace those textures with the ones assigned in the details tab of the actor. Any way to overcome that?

The image attached shows all the things that I can change directly in the actors’ details tab, the only one I really want to modify is the base color tint without losing all the other textures I assigned here.

Thanks again for the help! and let me know if you need more info to better understand my issue.

Yes, you need to make a dynamic instance of the material that’s already on the mesh :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for the answer and the help. Can you show me what the blueprint should look like? Based on your response, I used the make a dynamic Material instance, but it didnt populate all the things that was changed in the actors details tab.

Im somehow new to BP, and a little more detail would be very helpful. thank you big time!


So, I made a basic color like this


and make a material instance of that. Make a BP, and put the material instance on the mesh:

Now, I can adjust the color from the construction script

MI color

Thank you so much for taking the time to make this very detailed explanation! Now, that part to be able to manage textures and colors from the construction script is all done as shown in this image:

My issue is that I am now trying to get to the color tint using an external application by using a variable in the level blueprint. and Im having a hard time doing so, because when I create a Dynamic Material Instance in the Level BP, I am able to change the color tint, but all the textures that were assigned in the details tab through the construction script are gone… So, my question is, how can I do it without losing reference to all the other textures that were assigned in the details tab?

Also, Im trying to change my environment grass color from the Level BP, how would it work in that instance? Since for the grass, there isnt an actor in the outliner? The grass was applied in my environment using the Shift+2, so, it doesnt create an actor for the grass as Im aware, any ideas?

thank you!

You need to configure an instance with these parameters you have here, and then make that the dynamic material instance you’re changing from the script.

For that, you would need a material parameter collection