Access actor component from Blueprint

Hey all,

I’ve been using Unity for years and am just now coming over to Unreal. Enjoying it, but definitely bumping my head on a few things. Here’s one that’s been driving me 1000000% crazy that I can’t seem to solve from BP.

-I have an actor called “testPlayer”
-testPlayer has a Sphere Collision component called “headTracker”
-I’d like to access transform of “headTracker” from ANOTHER BP.

This seems incredibly simple, but I can’t seem to crack it. My thought was that I’d create a Variable of type “Sphere Collision” and just assign headTracker reference, but I can’t seem to do that. My second plan was to access testPlayer and then pull out hT component, but I can’t seem to do that either.

There’s no “find by name” option or “return by tag” option. I’m essentially stumped as to how to access headTracking component via BP

like so:

just when you drag off return pin in “cast to firstpersoncharacter” select component called “HeadTracker” instead of Capsule Component(that comes in by default)

Hey wevrStephan,

MrGrr is right: you can easily cast to desired Blueprint and get a component or variable from its reference.

For more on Blueprint Communication, here’s some good documentation:

You might also find this handy if you’re coming from Unity:

Hope that helps!